A note from Lynda

All my life I have wondered about life and the universe - I wanted to know how things worked. I even studied physics to degree level in the hope it would lead me to my heart’s longing ..... but it didn’t. Many years later, after a career in computing followed by a number of years spent living abroad, I became ill and was diagnosed as suffering from M.E. & Fibromyalgia.

This was the first step of my journey into another world, not only the discovery of how we actually create the reality we experience on a day to day basis, but also the opportunity to fully experience the often read assertion that happiness is not dependent upon external events but rather is something held inside each individual.

It has been my experience that these two understandings are the keys to unlocking the mystery of life, to enable you to create the life your heart and spirit have always been longing for. The new energies now coming into planet Earth are opening up more ways than ever before to come into your Truth, raise your level of Consciousness, step into your Power and truly express the multi-faceted shining diamond you are.

As my life's journey continues to unfold, I am continually discovering new and deeper ways of working with these ever changing energies. As a WayShower, GridWorker and GateKeeper for the new energies, my life is dedicated to holding these higher vibrations making it easier for others to raise their own vibration, align with NEW Earth and to begin to create their life experiences CONSCIOUSLY. To this end I offer the best of new techniques, together with more established modalities, as tools to help others on their life's path. As a practitioner I offer you respect, warmth, a willingness to listen and to grow with you on your journey to the truth. As a facilitator I invite you to open your heart and align with your highest soul potential.

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Lynda is an experienced, fully qualified and insured practitioner of many therapies including:
  • Matrix Energetics® (Certified Practitioner - Levels 1-4)
  • ThetaHealing® (Advanced Practitioner & Ex Teacher)
  • Energy Healing (Diploma DSEH)
  • PSYCH-K® (Advanced Practitioner)
  • Energy Interference Patterning of DNA (Levels 1-3)


Awarding Body 
Date Completed 
Path of the Mystic I-HRT 2019 
Aura Transformation™ I of Spirit 2015 
Cosmic Grace  One Heart Productions  2015 
Quantum iNfinity Training Awaken Total Health 2014/15
Awakening the Illuminated Heart  One Heart Productions  2013 
Matrix Energetics Level 4®  Matrix Energetics®  2011 
Matrix Energetics™ Certified Practitioner Matrix Energetics™  2010 
ThetaHealing™ Manifestation & Abundance  Nature's Path  2008 
ThetaHealing™ Teacher Training Advanced  Nature's Path  2008 
ThetaHealing™ Teacher Training Basic  Nature's Path  2008 
Matrix Energetics™ Levels 1,2 & 3  Matrix Energetics™  2008 
ThetaHealing™ Advanved DNA  Nature's Path  2008 
PSYCH-K® Basic & Advanced PSYCH-K®  2007 
Vortex Healing®  Anthony Gorman: Vortex Healing®  2007 
EarthSkyHeart workshop   One Heart Productions  2006 & 2007 
Diploma in Energy Healing  The School of Energy Healing  2005 
Anatomy & Physiology  Alternative Training  2005 
Pathology & Disease  Alternative Training  2005 
RSA Certificate in Counselling Skills  OCR  2005 
Rapid Healing  Possibilities Vocational School  2004 
ThetaHealing™ Bacis DNA2  Nature's Path  200 
Energy Interferernce Patterning of DNA  Possibilities Vocational School  2004 
DNA Intergration - Past, Present & Future  Possibilities Vocational School  2003 
Touch For Health (Kinesiology)  International Kinesiology College  2003 
Diploma in Advanced Flower Essences  British School of Yoga  2002 
Spiritual Healing I & II  National Federation of Spiritual Healers  2000 & 2001 
Foundation Certificate in Practical Metaphysics  Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness 2000 
Reiki I & II  International Reiki Training Centre  1998 & 1999 
Thank you for visiting my website. Please contact me if you have any questions, or would like more information about how I can help you.
I look forward to hearing from you.


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