Energy Healing

Our immune system and natural flow of energy is totally set up to move toward perfect health and vitality, however, when we encounter difficulties in your life where an experience becomes too painful to accept, we often freeze or deny the event(s) to cope. This is just one of many possible ways we can create an energy block in our system. These blockages deplete our vitality, which can lead to ill health in our body, mind and emotions.

The Human Energy Field can be pictured as consisting of both structured and fluid layers. The structured layers are like containers in which the fluid flows. These layers are blueprints for bringing spirit into matter and the structure is formed by our own experiences and the opinions/experiences of others; this structure leads us to form beliefs about ourselves and the outside world. We can also take on beliefs formed by others, quite often unconsciously, and these beliefs can distort the structured level leading to creation of more disharmony in your life.

The fluid aspect is the flow of our vitality or chi, as well as emotional energy. When emotions are not expressed the energy is condensed and frozen which causes blockages in the energy field. This is often due to unresolved past traumatic events.

Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them.

Albert Einstein

Energy Healing techniques that may be used:-

  • Past Life Regression
  • Inner Child Regression
  • Relationship Cord healing
  • Life Purpose Alignment
  • Entity Release

It is Lynda's experience that Energy Healing techniques are most effective when working with emotional blocks in the fluid layer of the energy field, while the structured layers and beliefs are more suited to ThetaHealing™. Fortunately both therapies blend together very well and a session can flow easily, thus addressing all distortions of the Human Energy Field.

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