Matrix Energetics®

How is this therapy applied? The client can be standing, seated or lying on a massage table fully clothed. The therapist selects from of number of Matrix energy tools those that she feels are most appropriate for the client. Quite often used is the "two-point", a method of connecting with the energy field of the client. The therapist places her hands on two areas on or off the body of the client. She instantly accesses a deep state of tranquility and sets a focused intent. As the forces of the universe step in, the therapist steps back, becomes the observer, and electron paths shift. Something always changes. It can happen in an instant or over a period of time but something always changes.

Matrix Energetics ® is the science and art of transformation at the sub-atomic level through the use of focused intent. It has been called a consciousness technology.

Dr. Richard Bartlett, the originator of Matrix Energetics®

What does this mean exactly? The human body is made up of tissues, which are made up of cells, which are made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms. Atoms are mostly empty space; a small nucleus with orbiting electrons. Current research in quantum physics has proven that the electron is not matter but a "wave of probablilty" and that it is our observation and intention that collapses the wave thus creating our experienced reality. It follows that if the electron is influenced, and this makes up the atom etc., then the human body, that is comprised of these, will also change.

What does the client experience? Again, the experience for each person varies e.g. Sometimes there is immediate and complete pain relief; sometimes the client merely wobbles a bit, then reports back a week later the changes that have occurred; sometimes a physical ailment remains but the client's personal life climbs to new heights.

What happens is always in accordance with the highest good of the client, and neither the client nor the therapist is qualified to determine what that might be!

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