Went for a hour long session. A lot more in depth than I could of imagined. Looked at areas in my life I hadn't thought about and brought a lot of things to light. I now view problems from a different perspective. Lynda even went as far as sending me links and book references on the associated subjects. Highly recommend. Matt

I can tell you that Lynda is the real deal, the things she revealed and tuned into were mind boggling. I feel that deep reconciliation with my inner child and true self but there is still a way to go. I am really thankful to her from the depth of my heart. She is a true gem, a true spiritual healer. Peter

I unreservedly recommend Lynda if you are working on self development or searching for help with a specific issue. Lynda has helped me with a life-long dependence on chocolate. After just one session I lost the emotional craving and dependency that I have been ashamed of throughout my life. Two weeks later, I still have no interest in chocolate and don't miss it at all. I had tried everything to get over this dependency and with Lynda, it was so easy. I have also found that I am now beginning to free myself of limiting beliefs that kept me repeating patterns of behaviour that did not serve my highest good. With each session I see massive changes in my life that endure: increased self value, more trust in Life, a greater sense of being able to achieve my life vision, an enhanced feeling of safety in the world. In short, I feel that through my work with Lynda I have been reborn to who I truly am and I am now free to live my highest potential. J.C.

My relationship with my son is completely transformed, as I no longer have fear of my grown up son and of his anger. Through clearing my stuff in terms of valuing and respecting myself, my relationship has become beautiful and loving. In particular, the thing that really shifted my relationship with my son was when I cleared the resentment I was carrying and the energy just magically changed between us. The resentment was to do with not feeling safe and comfortable enough to express my true feelings to my son. Karen

I came across Theta purely by accident on the internet and rung Lynda and decided to have a session with her. After that session, I continued having more sessions, which were life transforming. I particularly found it very refreshing and heartwarming that Lynda wanted me to be able to do theta healing on myself and not keep coming for sessions. Throughout all my sessions with Lynda, she never said I had to come or needed to come, she always left it to my own guidance. Lynda has a very empowering and inspiring approach and wants the very best for you in every way. Julie

WOW - I really feel different after our last session. My "new" heart is settling in well and I no longer feel the immense block that I have felt for so many years now. HURRAY! Lis

The biggest and greatest thing I gained and learnt from Theta is my wonderful connection to God. When I was child and my mum left, I hated God because I thought he had taken my mum away and lost trust. With Theta, I now have a wonderful connection and receive clear guidance on what to do any if there is anything I need to clear or download. Marion

As a result of working with Lynda on my issue of anger using the theta healing technique, I now feel quite different. For some time I had been holding on to a lot of anger which was quite ugly at times and aimed mainly at myself, although could also be aimed at others but from a distance. I think there was also a lot of resentment there. Following one session with Lynda I now find I no longer take out my anger and frustrations on myself and don't actually feel this really angry way any more. I am more self-accepting and just don't seem to have any desire to react the way I did. Thanks again to Lynda for her help. Anne

I have not had the "usual" backache today. It is different. It's lower down and more of a soreness, rather like I'm getting over a bruise. I am very impressed with the results. Jim

My friends can see the difference in me. They want what I have got! Pam

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