From the perspective of an energy worker all physical manifestation from the health of our bodies to life experiences exist first as an energy form, pattern or intention. This energy made up of structured and fluid layers is the blue print from which we are constantly manifested. It follows that any changes made on this level of the energy field will lead to changes in the physical body and in life circumstances and experiences. The structure usually consists of beliefs and intention while the fluid layers are chi or life-force energy. Any structural imbalance (limiting beliefs) or blocks (emotional trauma) in the flow of energy can lead to physical illness and/or uncomfortable and unwanted life experiences. Imbalances in both structured and fluid layers of the energy field may be successfully addressed using one or more of the following therapy modalities.

Matrix Energetics®

Matrix Energetics is better known as a 'consciousness technology' as it doesn't conform to rules laid down by any 'technique'. This means that Universal Grace is free to manifest the best outcome for you in any given situation. It is accessed by 'noticing what you notice' and then dropping into the heart and letting go. This wave of transformation is often experienced as a very deep meditative state, especially if you are treated when lying down, as your conscious mind adapts to the new way of being.

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A ThetaHealing session takes place with the client sitting or lying down and begins with an initial period of discussion and evaluation to clarify the various issues to be addressed. Beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, are located using the discussion in conjunction with Lynda's guidance and intuition. They can then be easily transformed from the Seventh Plane of Existence. ThetaHealing™ is both effective and fast. Read More

Energy Healing

After a fairly short case taking interview, the client will lay down where they are able to relax and quite often enter into a deep state, similar to meditation. The energy work is then carried out using various techniques. Both past life and inner child traumas can be cleared from the energy field so they can no longer affect your day to day life. Repeating patterns may also be broken and resolved and relationships healed. Read More
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